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Lt. Terry Hodges and his dog Rip
On Patrol

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The stories in these books are considered by many to be the best of their kind. Readers come away with a vivid picture of what the lives of game wardens and conservation officers are really like. Author Terry Hodges, himself a 28-year veteran game warden, writes with a special understanding of his colorful profession. His stories, all true, take place in California, which has more natural diversity of habitat and wildlife species than any other state and is second only to Alaska in its vast areas of wilderness.

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The Rip-Roaring Adventures of a Legendary Game Warden.

This 274 page hardcover contains 51 true stories that chronicle the remarkable career of a famous California game warden. Gene Mercer, or "Ol' Sabertooth" as he was known, prowled California's woodlands and marshes for 34 years, beginning in 1928. He is credited with being one of those most responsible for bringing about the downfall of the old-time waterfowl market hunters.

"The best outdoor book of the 1980's. Great Stuff." - Tom Steinstra, San Francisco Examiner.

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Sample Passage from SABERTOOTH:

He (Warden Gene Mercer) took a step toward Barth and held out his hand as though to take the weapon. Barth took a quick step back, jacked a live round into the chamber and lowered the barrel directly at Mercer's stomach.

"Hold it right there, Mr. game warden," said Barth menacingly, his speech slightly slurred by the whiskey.

He glared at Mercer with the wild, unblinking eyes of one on the brink of insanity, and Mercer felt the hackles rise on the back of his neck.

"Shoot him, Barth," cried Conley. "We can't afford no fine."

"What do you say to that, Mr. Game Warden?" said Barth, breaking into a horrible grin which, in the glare of the headlights, revealed a mouthful of rotten teeth.Mercer knew he didn't have a chance. He knew he was going to die, and he accepted the fact calmly. But he refused to stand and be slaughtered like an animal. Instead, he prepared himself to attack, to inflict as much damage on these three men as he could before he lost consciousness. His eyes narrowed as he glared at Morris Barth, hating the man, longing to get his fingers on that stubbled throat. He gathered his strength and prepared to lunge.

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Lt. Terry Hodges and Warden (Sabertooth) Gene Mercer

Warden with poached Bald Eagle.

Rescue of stranded Spring-run Salmon

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True Adventures of
Game Wardens
and the Outlaws They Pursue

This 301 page hardcover contains 26 true and exciting stories about contemporary California game wardens.

"Lieutenant Terry Hodges is to wildlife protectors what Joseph Wambaugh is to big-city cops. His book, TOUGH CUSTOMERS is evocative story telling . . . ." - Paul Dean, Los Angeles Times.

"Of the hundreds of books I receive each year for review, this is one of the few that really captivated me. I just couldn't stop reading it." - Tom Steinstra, San Francisco Examiner.

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Sample Chapter From TOUGH CUSTOMERS:

"Don't do it," shouted Hoffman, but even then Bobby Rate was turning, raising the rifle, his finger finding the trigger.


Warden Bill Hoffman then became a machine, ten years of training taking command of his senses. He appeared to slap at his holster, and the big pistol seemed to leap into his hand. Arm and weapon rose swiftly and he fired. The shot stunned the ear, a dynamite blast in the night, and the bullet left the barrel heading straight for Bobby Rate's heart.

Bobby Rate recoiled as though struck by a punch, and in a convulsive reaction he hurled the rifle, sending it spinning through the air to clatter onto the roadway a few feet from the astonished Mervin Hee.

Then there was silence—silence but for the echo of the gunshot, which rumbled off to die in the distance.

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The end of the line for a large stock-killing lion

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More True Game Warden Adventures

The stories in this book are all true.  They chronicle the adventures of California's Fish and Game Wardens and the wildlife-destroying outlaws they pursue.  

Be there on night patrol.  Experience a near-death encounter with pig poachers.  Stalk a deer-killing psychopath and a renegade, bear-killing archer.  Tangle with gun-weilding sturgeon poachers, lobster pirates, elk poachers, abalone smugglers, reptile rustlers, steelhead snaggers and salmon bombers.  You'll meet these and more, up close and eye to eye.

So, come along.  Join the game wardens-- the dedicated few who prowl our wildlands day and night, waging continuous war against those who would abuse the wild and precious things they are Sworn to Protect.

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"Terry Hodges' first two books, Sabertooth and Tough Customers, were great true stories by this celebrated and very talented California conservation officer and outdoor writer, and they have become required reading for fish and game cops across Northe America.  His latest book, Sworn to Protect, is another classic.  He portrays game poachers and violators for what they are -- theives who steal fish, fur and game from everyone.  This is a great read, and one every law officer and sportsman should read." 

Dave Richey, Outdoor Writer, The Detroit News

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Citations being issued for illegal take of swans

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More True Game Warden Adventures

The book PREDATORS is the latest collection of true game warden adventure stories by author Terry Hodges, a 30-year veteran game warden. In this 302 page hardcover you will meet some of California's best wardens and a collection of some of the most memorable outlaws to ever haunt forest, marsh or ocean floor. You'll meet Rascal McRoy, Trash Can Joe, Lobster Jake, Killer John, The Muppet, Dirty Harry, the Delta Ghosts, and a host of others.

"Excitement, adventure, tears, and laughter-you'll experience these things and more in this excellent collection of award-winning, true to life game warden stories by Terry Hodges. It's a great read."
Dave Richey - The Detroit News

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About The Author: Terry Hodges is a Fish and Game Patrol Lieutenant in Northern California and supervises the wardens in two counties. He was twice chosen Writer of the Year by the Outdoor Writers Association of California (OWAC) and, in addition to his two books, he is a regular contributor to the Department of Fish and Game's magazine, Outdoor California. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from California State University at Sacramento.

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